NBC Admits Obama Mortgage Plan Won't Work, But Cheers It as Good Politics

At the top of Monday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer touted a new plan to address the housing crisis: "After a series of foreign policy victories, President Obama is hitting the road to sell his ...

CBS Says Not Paying Your Underwater Mortgage 'Best Hope for Some to Stay Afloat'

'Evening News' sympathizes with borrowers who stopped paying, encourages 'strategic default.'

Double Standards on Mortgage Defaulters

Times reporter David Streitfeld covers mortgage defaulters on varying ends of the income spectrum, but only lectures "the rich" ones on the "civic good."

Sticking It to Lenders Via 'Homemade Mortgage Modification'

David Streitfeld: "Any moral qualms are overshadowed by a conviction that the banks created the crisis by snookering homeowners with loans that got them in over their heads."

Carl Hulse's Favorite Story: Democrats Pressuring Republicans to Give In

The opening to Carl Hulse's front-page story on his favorite topic - Democrats putting the screws to the G.O.P.: "Politicians like nothing more than a convenient foil, and Democrats locked in a ...

Edmund Andrews on Wall Street Crisis: 'There Really Were a Lot of Crooks Out There'

Recent Times financial reporter Edmund Andrews, who posed as a victim of the mortgage crisis in a book, claims the wanton recklessness on Wall Street that nearly wrecked the economy has exposed ...

Michael Moore: Foreclosed Homeowners Like Rape Victims

Filmmaker tells Sean Hannity blaming irresponsible borrowers 'like asking a woman how short was your skirt after she's been raped.'

Why Is Edmund Andrews Still Writing About Mortgages?

Reporter Edmund Andrews, who wrote a misleading book about his own personal mortgage crisis, writes a misleading article on a proposed new consumer protection agency that people ...

Clark Hoyt Stands Up for Edmund Andrews, Dismisses "Bloggers"

The paper's public editor doesn't find it worrisome that economics reporter Edmund Andrews left his wife's two bankruptcies out of his book on his own personal mortgage crisis, and dismisses ...

Cable News Partisanship: Good on Leftist MSNBC, Not on Anti-Obama CNBC

After celebrating MSNBC's move to the left and resulting ratings surge, the Times frets that CNBC is "making the line between reporter and commentator almost indistinguishable at times" as it ...
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