Will Media Remember Praising Al Awlaki the 'Moderate?'

'Bridge-builder' was Washington Post's favorite imam.

Media Highlight Wanted Terrorist Al Awlaki, Forget They Called Him 'Moderate'

Media called recent U.S. target a bridge-builder pre-9/11.

NYT Already Pushing 'Entrapment' Defense in Case of Islamic Would-Be Christmas Tree Bomber

The Times is already pushing the "entrapment" defense in the case of the Portland Christmas-tree bomber, sympathizing with local Muslims in opposition to the anti-terror investigation. And after ...

NBC Names Ground Zero Mosque Developer a 'Person of the Year'

Network says Sharif el-Gamal will sit down for Matt Lauer interview.

Elie Wiesel Calls for 'Interfaith Center' to Replace Ground Zero Mosque

Holocaust author and Nobel Laureate says mosque would 'hurt some people who have suffered.'

Times Calls Koran-Threatening Rev. Terry Jones 'Fanatic' in News Story on Front Page

Damien Cave unleashes liberal snobbery on Koran-threatening preacher and "fanatic" Terry Jones of Gainesville, while accusing him, not the media, of creating a spectacle: "Educated and ...

Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer Unanimous in First CNN Appearance

CNN offered a sneak preview of their upcoming Parker-Spitzer program on Wednesday's Anderson Cooper 360 with the new hosts, pseudo-conservative Kathleen Parker and "Client Number Nine" Eliot ...

Rick Sanchez to Pataki: Did Your Opposition to Mosque Lead to Koran Burning?

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez tried to connect the overwhelming opposition to the planned Ground Zero mosque to a Florida pastor's "Burn a Koran Day" event. Sanchez asked former ...

Arianna Huffington Likens Mosque Opponents to Koran-Burning Pastor

Snatching the proverbial low-hanging fruit off the branch, Arianna Huffington compared the vast majority of Americans who oppose the construction of a mosque close to Ground Zero to the thirty ...

CNN's Feyerick Promotes Ground Zero Mosque Imam

CNN's Deborah Feyerick played up Imam Feisal Rauf's apparent credentials as a "moderate" Muslim during a report on Wednesday's American Morning. Feyerick omitted using sound bites from Rauf's ...
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