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‘Snowpiercer:’ A Train Ride Through the Horrors of Liberal Extremism

Liberals see only ‘class warfare’ in this Korean thriller, most ignore villain’s embrace of radical left-wing views.
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Lefty Media Slam ‘Parasitic’ Ridesharing Companies Like Uber

Liberal economists and websites like Alternet, attack freedom and competition in rideshare vs. taxi feud.
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HORRORS! Government Shutdown Means No Whale Counters or Animal-Semen Exporters

Mother Jones complains about some bizarre effects of the government shutdown.
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23 Liberal Media Outlets, Including MSNBC Defend IRS Tea Party Probe

 Left-wing operations say conservatives deserved to be targeted.  
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Over $1 Million from Soros to Group that Broke McConnell Tape Story

Founder of Media Consortium, Mother Jones, promotes work of Kentucky Super PAC.
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Liberal Groups Band Together to Fight Conservative ‘Big Money,’ But Have Received $30 Million from Soros

Eco groups, unions and more pool resources for ‘Democracy Initiative.’
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Making "Earthquakes" for Romney

When the leftist magazine Mother Jones released a Romney "secret tape," the network carnival barkers erupted with the chants of  “bombshell” and  “earthquake” for the Republican campaign.
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NYT Uses Romney Tape to Gush Over Lefty Mother Jones Mag, Which Has 'Thrived' and 'Is Respected'

The Times gushes over left-wing mag Mother Jones after its anti-Romney hit video: "Through all the political pressures and the challenges facing the magazine industry, Mother Jones thrived. It ...

Defending Obama, NYTimes' Richard Oppel Turns Tables on Romney, Laments 'Redistribution' to 'Very Rich'

Richard Oppel Jr., refusing to concede anything to Mitt Romney, fiercely defends Obama and, using a liberal trope, laments the alleged redistribution of income to the "very rich": "What is ...

NYT's Barbaro on Doom and 'Gloom' in Romney Camp, 'Entering McCain-Palin Ticket Territory'

Michael Barbaro: "Mitt Romney's traveling press secretary walked to the back of the candidate’s plane midflight on Tuesday and teasingly asked a pair of journalists in an exit row if they ...
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