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News Guild, Soros-Funded Group Encourage Walmart Strike encouraging members to join workers’ protest.

CBS Proclaims: 'Workers of the Nation Unite' in Union Protests

At the top of Saturday's CBS Early Show, co-host Russ Mitchell cheered unions protests across the country: "Workers uniting. 50 rallies are planned in 50 states today, as organizers show ...

CBS Interviews Assaulted MoveOn Protestor, Never Covered Man Who Had Finger Bitten Off at 2009 MoveOn Event

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith interviewed protestor Lauran Valle, who was stepped on during a protest outside of the Kentucky senate debate on Monday: "Less than a ...

Dean: Low-Income People Hurt by Cap-and-Tax Will Recoup Cost with Less Asthma Emergency Room Visits

CNBC contributor claims the low-ball figure of $40 a year lost by low-income households due to cap-and-trade will be made up with lower medical costs.

ABC Touts George Soros as a Superhero; Ted Turner Is Superman?

George Soros is a superhero along the lines of Batman and Superman? That's the comparison ABC's John Berman made on Thursday's Good Morning America. He was reporting on a closed door meeting of ...

Howard Dean: Part-Time CNBC Contributor, Part-Time MoveOn.Org Activist

Former Democratic presidential candidate using left-wing group to campaign for Obama while employed by CNBC.

Times Asks Readers If They Think It Has a Liberal Bias

A NYT online survey gives hints at what executives at the paper are worried about.

Soros Bashes Free Market in USA Today Profile

Paper: Billionaire supporter of liberal causes calls theory of markets 'rubbish.'

A Suspicious "Deep-Pocketed Conservative Group"

The Times front page warns readers about Freedom's Watch, a "deep-pocketed conservative group" with suspicions of White House ties. Did the left-wing ever receive this level of scrutiny ...

Times Confesses: Mistake to Grant Deep Discount

Public Editor Clark Hoyt gets results where the paper's own reporters fail: "The Times had maintained for a week that the standby rate was appropriate, but a company spokeswoman told me late ...
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