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Whose Movie Is Propaganda?

Newspaper film critics often hate a movie that doesn't toe the Hollywood line. They can't judge it as art, but dismiss it as "propaganda."
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Movie Critic A.O.Scott Educates Us on the 'Lethal, Terrifying Urgency' of Global Warming

Movie critic A.O Scott turns his vast expertise to the issue of global warming and rising sea levels, and turns on the sarcasm: "There is also a noisy subculture of obfuscation and denial that ...
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Times Movie Critic Doesn't Even Try to Hide Her Outrage at Pro-Life 'October Baby'

New York Times movie critic Jeannette Catsoulis doesn't even try to be fair to "October Baby," a pro-life movie: "...the film communicates in the language of guilt and fear....a vision of medical ...
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NYT's Stelter Defends Hollywood, Dismisses Idea of H'Wood Palin-Hatred as 'Conspiracy Theory'

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter dismisses conservative concerns that the new HBO movie "Game Change" is an anti-Palin hit piece as a "conspiracy theories," and makes lame excuses why ...
There's No Tomorrow

Film ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ Spreads Eco-Hysteria about Economic Collapse

Animated movie advocates anti-growth economy, removing money from banks.

Hollywood Reporter Brooks Barnes on P.C. Patrol at the Movies

Brooks Barnes asks the important questions: "Over a two-hour dinner at a trendy restaurant here earlier this month, [Pixar founder and film director John Lasseter] was at turns solemn and ...

Michael Moore Belongs on Same Shelf With Thomas Paine

Book critic Dwight Garner: "Mr. Moore's coming of age as a working-class malcontent is, however, something to behold....It persuades you to take Mr. Moore seriously, and it belongs on a shelf with ...

Times (Sort of) Hails New 'Glee' Movie as 'Tutorial in Tolerance'

Film critic Stephen Holden approves of the concert film's aggressively pro-gay message (like the "It Gets Better" videos), but is still snobbish enough to compare it to Disney's "High School Musical."

Hollywood Mogul Katzenberg Rails Against Tea Party's 'Extremism'

A reminder Hollywood moguls aren't just enthralled with Barack Obama. They are also ideological liberals who have disgust for conservatives and are especially enraged by the Tea Party's success. ...

'Page One' Doc Provides Unbalanced Look at the Struggles of the New York Times

The pall of liberal conventional wisdom keeps the New York Times documentary "Page One" within safe parameters for its intended audience, with no conservative critics to balance Times supporting ...
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