ABC Hypes NAACP Indictment of Tea Party as Racist, a Smear the Network Stoked

ABC touted the NAACP's charge that the "Tea Party movement is a threat to the pursuit of human rights, justice and equality for all." Sans any ideological label, anchor Diane Sawyer set up the ...

Van Jones, 'Charismatic Advocate' and 'American Treasure'

Reporter John Broder buttered up the far-left 9/11-truther without a liberal label, for either him or the NAACP, which declared him a treasure.

CBS Early Show Praises Obama's 'Sermon-like' NAACP Speech

On Friday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Randall Pinkston described President Obama's Thursday address to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: "The crowd responded to ...

Maine, "The Whitest State"

Reporter Abby Goodnough collects scattered anecdotes of racial bias to paint a long, unflattering picture of an entire state.
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