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NY Times Magazine Remembers the 'Patriotic Fatwa' Against the Dixie Chicks

"Since the corporate consolidation enabled by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, country radio has been dominated by the format-homogenizing influence and right-wing politics of Clear ...

'Weird' Tea Party Conventioneers: More Anger Than Answers

Tea Party convention-goers have a lot of anger, they don't have a lot of answers, according to reporter Kate Zernike on a podcast.

Will Palin's Palm Reading Make Her Less 'Authentic' in Conservative Eyes?

Reporter Kate Zernike mocks Palin's "seventh-grade style" crib notes at the Nashville "tea party" convention: Ask conservatives why they love Sarah Palin so and they will often say it is because ...

Fury Against Dixie Chicks Causing Country Music Liberals to Clam Up?

"None of that was lost on Music Row. Democratic songwriters say that they have since hesitated to express political views, for fear of being 'Dixie Chicked.'" Like having a #1 album and fawning ...
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