Don's 'Debate': Openly Gay CNN Anchor Hosts Dem Strategist and 'Pro-Gay Marriage' Conservative

Is this CNN's idea of objectivity? To discuss a gay marriage bill in the New York state senate, openly-gay CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a Democratic strategist and a pro-gay marriage conservative ...

NYT Celebrates Hypothetical Success of Far-Left Nation Mag, Lamented National Review 'Nastiness' After 2008 Election

Jeremy Peters celebrates success at the far-left Nation that has yet to occur: "Despite all the gloom, could last week's Democratic pummeling actually have a silver lining for The Nation, once ...

Times Jumps on Arcane Debate About Closed-Minded Conservatives

Ever sensitive to internecine squabbles among conservatives, the Times jumped on the latest one: "'Epistemic Closure'? Those Are Fighting Words, Friend." The text box: "Conservatives' spat over ...

Phony Concern for National Review's Reputation

Lamenting a "far right" past it never respected in the first place: "Now, thanks to the coarsening effect of the Internet on political discourse, the magazine may have lost something else: its ...

CNBC: McCain Campaign 'Over-the-Top' for Pointing Out NYT Bias

John Harwood portrays McCain strategy as a distraction stemming from 'frustration' on MSNBC's 'Countdown.'

GOP Senate Leader: Greens Have 'Just Gotten More Nutty'

McConnell pushes pro-energy agenda, remarks liberal media bias not as bad as it once was.

The Times' Travel Section Cruises With Far-Left Nation Magazine

Henry Alford gushed that "the diversity and intellectual accomplishments of the 460 were fairly staggering." Plus: disagraced anti-Bush CBS news producer Mary Mapes cracks jokes while killjoy ...

Saluting Dick Darman's Tax-Hiking "Pragmatism"

Douglas Martin in the obituary for George H.W. Bush's budget director Richard Darman: "National Review, the conservative magazine, called Mr. Darman's work 'the most catastrophic budget deal of ...

Goldberg: Gore Uses 'Fascist' Tactics to Push Warming Agenda

National Review Editor at Large says left promotes 'softer' form of authoritarianism.

The New Republic Folds on Baghdad Diarist, but Times Hypes NRO Errors

Patricia Cohen lumps in an apparent fabulist at TNR with unconfirmed reporting at NRO: "Tough days for The New Republic and a rival, National Review."
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