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Front-Page National News in NYT: NYC Mayor Endorses Obama, Theory of Climate Change

Raymond Hernandez makes the front page with a story on NYC Mayor Bloomberg endorsing Barack Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, while pushing the theory of man-made climate change. Hernandez ...
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ABC, NBC Tout 'Star-Studded' Obama Fund-Raisers for 'Prez in the City'

ABC and NBC on Friday both excitedly touted Barack Obama's "star-studded" celebrity fund-raisers in New York City, gushing over the "Prez in the City." Neither network wondered if $40,000 per ...
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Times' Frank Bruni Approves of Bloomberg's Big Gulp of Government Authoritarianism in New York City

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni embraces Bloomberg's supersized soda ban, mocks fat Iowans: "We’re fat, folks. Seriously, dangerously fat. And you don’t need statistics to tell you that; ...
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NBC Panel Agrees: 'God Bless' Mike Bloomberg for 'Revolutionary' Soda Ban

Discussing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to ban large soft drinks with liberal panelists on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer skeptically wondered: "Do we want local ...

Rub Your Eyes: Praise for Ronald Reagan in NYT Local Story on GOP Voting by Soviet Immigrants

Praise for Ronald Reagan's anti-Communism from...the local section of the New York Times? "Another inspiration for [Soviet immigrants'] conservatism, scholars and political professionals say, is ...
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MRC Invades Times Square with Mammoth "Don't Believe the Liberal Media!" Billboards

This morning, two massive Media Research Center (MRC) billboards totaling 1,684 square feet were hoisted in one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections – New York City’s Times ...

Post's Version of 'Rent' Complains about Cost

Tenants who don't want to pay are focus of story on government control of market.
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