Brian Williams, Media Critic? Anchor Questions Newsweek's Headline 'America is Back'

'Nightly News' anchor asks if Wall Street and 'covers of magazines' havea disconnect with Main Street.

Newsweek Calls the Catholic Church an 'All-Male Club … Keeping Modernity at Bay'

Lisa Miller's latest Catholic-hating article calls the Church 'ingrown' and 'out of touch with people.'

Newsweek Helps Energy Secretary Chu Push Cap-and-Trade

Magazine continues years of global warming advocacy.

War in Iraq Low on Obama's Agenda; Compliant Media Move On, Too

"Despite persistent violence and a critical election coming up, President Obama hardly ever mentions the war in Iraq," Joseph Curl reports in Thursday's Washington Times. Curl discloses that "the ...

Maddow Shows Newsweek's Adler Reading Anti-Filibuster Poem

On Friday's Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Newsweek contributor Jerry Adler was shown reciting a poem in which he lamented all the agenda items that are unpassable because of the Senate filibuster ...

Newsweek: Chinese Oppression Good For Tibet

In a February 17 online article entitled "Charity Case," Newsweek's Issac Stone Fish declared: "Whether they like it or not, China has been very good for Tibetans." Fish's outrageous claim came on ...

Newsweek Asserts 'Terror Begins at Home' - With Republicans

Newsweek managing editor Daniel Klaidman asserts in the latest issue that "Terror Begins at Home" - with fearmongering Republicans who score cheap political points "at the expense of the American ...

Newsweek's Fineman Applauds Obama's "Most Conservative" SOTU Speech

Despite its laundry list of liberal initiatives, Newsweek's Howard Fineman declared Wednesday's State of the Union address "one of the most conservative speeches that a Democratic president has ...

Newsweek's Fineman: GOP Has 'Terrible Record' on Race; 'Pretty Much Everybody' Favors Dems

Talking about Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's "Negro dialect" crack about Barack Obama on MSNBC's Countdown Tuesday night, Newsweek's Howard Fineman suggested "pretty much" all Americans ...
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