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Jason Biggs Tweets Profanity to the Pope

Biggs still associated with Nickelodeon despite nasty sex filled tweets.
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Wife of Jason Biggs Jokes about Child Rape; Defends Husband’s Misogynistic Tweets

No word from Nickelodeon about Teen Choice Award contender’s lewd, nasty tweets.

Nickelodeon Game Site Lets Kids Play at Trying to Look Up Skirts of 'Naughty' Cartoon Teachers

Network makes games titled 'Perry the Perv' and 'Booty Rider' accessible to young children.

Degrading 'Degrassi'

Nickelodeon airs all kinds of child-friendly programming - but one series on Teen Nick is deliberately pushing the gay agenda to youngsters.

Nick at Nite Blight

Nickelodeon is starting prime time with "Glenn Martin DDS," a sleazy cartoon. They're even boasting of how they're succeeding in keeping 2- to 11-year-olds glued to the set...for orgasm jokes and ...

It's Easy Being Green: Just Listen to Celebrities

Nickelodeon inserts green propaganda into Kids' Choice Awards program.

Nick's Big Green Hype

Next on Nick: environmental propaganda!

Weeds and Marijuana Chic

Hollywood is glamorizing pot smoking, despite the evidence of the drug's danger.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant – What About the Father?

Media ignores the fact that it takes two to create a baby, not just a girl.
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