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Networks Accuse GOP of 'Partisan Standoff' After 'Rare Move' to Block Hagel Nomination

Following the failure of former Senator Chuck Hagel to receive enough votes in the Senate on Thursday to be confirmed as defense secretary, NBC, ABC, and CBS all immediately turned their ire ...
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Networks Ignore CIA Nominee Brennan 'Let the President Down' During Christmas Day Bombing Attempt

Exactly three years ago, on January 7, 2010, during a press conference regarding the 2009 attempted bombing of an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day, White House counterterrorism ...

CNN's Yellin Cites Her Own Liberal Harvard Days in Defense of Kagan

On Tuesday's Rick's List, CNN's Jessica Yellin harkened back to her college days at Harvard as she defended Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan against charges by conservatives that she is ...

CBS's Schieffer: Elena Kagan 'Eminently Qualified,' But 'Nasty' GOP Will Oppose Her

During live CBS News coverage on Monday of President Obama's nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer argued that the Senate ...

Obama Victory: Millions of Voters from Every Corner Demanding Change

Obama-mania gets a second wind as he clinches the Democratic nomination.

Times' Favorite Clinches Democratic Nomination

The paper's long history of favoritism towards Obama culminates in his Tuesday clinching of the nomination.

Advantage for Hillary? Carville Wants Primaries, Not Caucuses Due to 'Subprime Crisis'

Clinton advisor uses 'idiotic economic policies' as rationale to support vote most favorable to former first lady.
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