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NPR Touts Left-Leaning Group's Poll on Controversial ObamaCare Mandate

On Thursday's All Things Considered, Julie Rovner, NPR's resident ObamaCare flack, claimed that the U.S. Senate rejecting an amendment protecting religious liberty was "closer than the 63 percent ...

NPR, CBS Play Up Romney's 'Provocative' Warren Buffett Tax Rate

NPR harped on Mitt Romney's "provocative tax detail" on Wednesday's Morning Edition, highlighting that the GOP presidential candidate "disclosed he's in the same low tax bracket as the billionaire ...

NPR Skirts IDing Corzine as a Democrat; Readily Tags Republicans

NPR's Yuki Noguchi and Lynn Neary completely omitted Jon Corzine's Democratic affiliation on Thursday's All Things Considered, while mentioning practically every other prominent occupation he has ...

On NPR, 'Conservative' David Brooks Trashes Cain the 'TV Show' and Romney the Cold Fish

Brooks talking Herman Cain on NPR: "He was a TV show that lasted for a little while. Listen, let me stand up for elitist insiders. This is a job for professionals. Running for office is a job for ...

NPR's Totenberg: Income Gap as Bad as 'People Came to this Country to Avoid'

On Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, NPR's Nina Totenberg incorrectly claimed that the "top tenth of one percent" of income earners in America "controls something like 20 or 30 percent" of the ...

George Soros: Media Mogul

Lefty Businessman Spends Millions Funding Journalism

NPR Host Decries 'Fairness Bias' - When Media Overcompensate to Conservatives

NPR host Brooke Gladstone admits that journalists are generally more liberal than regular Americans, but she thinks they overcompensate for their bias by giving too much of a voice to conservatives.
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