Juan Williams: 'Don't Tread on Me' Flags are 'Timothy McVeigh' Imagery

On Monday's O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, NPR news analyst Juan Williams furthered the left's talking point about the tea party's supposed connection to militias, and even went so far to claim that ...

Media Ignore Boy Scouts' 100th Anniversary in Favor of Pro-Gay Agenda

Only ABC, NPR noted the Scouts centennial.

Double Standard: NPR Applies Varying Terminology on Gun Rights vs. Abortion

Cato analysis finds NPR readily calls Second Amendment rights advocates 'gun advocates' but has seldom used the same jargon for abortion, pornography.

Climate Skeptics Need Mental Help?

Falling poll numbers for the notion of man-made global warming is causing media liberals to grow pessimistic about a public that is becoming "collectively irrational."

Newsweek Editor: Health Care Bill a 'Fiscal Fraud' But 'I'd Still Vote for It'

Over the weekend, Newsweek's Evan Thomas offered an intriguing insight into the MSM's approach to the liberal health care bill rolling its way through Congress. After conservative columnist ...

The Great Newspaper Bailout

Liberals, politicians, journalists want Uncle Sam to save news with your tax dollars

NPR to Stations: 'Avoid' Saying '46 Million Americans' Are Uninsured

Managing Editor confirms that 'guidance' memo was sent to members to stop making controversial claim.
Media Research Center

Exhibit 2-13: Rasmussen Reports on Media Bias, 2007

A pair of Rasmussen surveys conducted in mid-July 2007, each of approximately 1,000 adults, documented how Americans perceive various television news outlets and major newspapers.

NPR's Schorr: ObamaCare Would 'Save Many Lives,' So Why Fuss Over Aliens?

On Wednesday, NPR "senior news analyst" Daniel Schorr insisted nationalized health care "would save many lives," and all those rumbles from the right about providing taxpayer-subsidized abortions ...

IBD Poll Disputes Media Claims Most Doctors Back ObamaCare

A new poll of more than 1,300 physicians finds that nearly two-thirds (65%) oppose ObamaCare and nearly half would consider quitting if the liberal health care plan passes. The poll deflates media ...
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