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NBC Ignores Burning of American Flag by Oakland Occupiers

CBS provides full coverage, while ABC mentions flag-burning incident.
Media Research Center

Time to Give Thanks for Our Police for Coping with Occupiers

Despite Occupy Wall Street attacks and media abuse, men and women in blue keep us safe.

Editorial Cheerleads for 'Inspiring' OWS, Dismisses Violence as 'Fringe'

"The Occupy Wall Street protest continues to inspire demonstrators across the nation and beyond....Headlines lately have focused on two nights of sporadic violence in Oakland, Calif., marked by ...

Times Almost Ignores Anti-Cop Violence at Occupy Oakland

The Times virtually ignores anti-cop violence at the Occupy Oakland encampment, in favor of a sympathetic story on a veteran injured at the protest: "For supporters of the Occupy Wall Street ...

California Teacher Tells Kindergarteners "More Than Two Genders"

Oakland elementary school indoctrinates students with 2-day gender-bending program

Striving to Paint a More Positive Picture of a Cop-Killer

Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers - but was he also a victim of the California penal system?
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