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Liberals Desecrate Old Glory; Networks Silent

This Memorial Day, ABC, CBS and NBC probably won’t talk about lefties defiling the flag so many died for.  
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CMI On TV -- Occupy Wall Street – A Prime Time Villain?

'The Good Wife' almost portrays the truth about OWS.
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NYT Celebrates Occupy's Attack on 'Unfettered Capitalism' in Hong Kong....But Does It Actually Exist There?

New York Times reporter Neil Gough pumps up the Occupy movement in the alleged capital of "pure...unfettered capitalism," an administrative region of Hong Kong, but then contradicts himself: "At ...
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Occupy Movement All Over the Sunday NYTimes, from Three-Kid Summer Camp to Police at the Pool

Sunday's New York Times celebrated the left-wing Occupy movement in four separate stories, including this peculiar compliment to the police from Ginia Bellafante: "In the era of stop-and-frisk ...
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