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Departing Public Editor Brisbane Laments Progressive 'Hive' of 'Like Minds' at New York Times

Arthur Brisbane, public editor, takes a parting shot at the paper's hive-mind progressivism on political issues: "Across the paper’s many departments, though, so many share a kind of political ...
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USA Today Finds OWS Theme in Movies, Ignores Villainy

Drawing examples from Batman, Cosmopolis and Arbitrage, newspaper sees Occupiers in Hollywood plots, but finds little to criticize about OWS.
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AFL-CIO Goes All-In with Occupy

The AFL-CIO has not been bashful about its support for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. And the union giant recently posted an article by Tula Connell hyping a booklet entitled “Economics 101 ...
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Another Win for Occupy Wall Street: Cute Commercials for McDonald's, Vegas Vacations

And you thought it was just a cute ad for Las Vegas: "Marketers are adopting the theme of workers’ rights at a time when unions themselves are confronting declines in membership and influence. ...
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Comic Makes ‘Valiant’ Attempt to Justify the Occupy Movement

New comic has it all: greedy, murderous bankers and blinkered Christians.
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Journalists’ Union: ‘We are the 99%!’

Union also in same campaign with MoveOn.org and Common Cause.

Channeling Occupy Wall Street in the Times Business Section: 'You Call This a Revolution?'

Times financial reporter Nathaniel Popper talked in familiar terms of "revolution," "the 99 percent," and the "nation’s have-a-lots" versus "the have-lesses.": "You call this a revolution? ...
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NBC Uses Faltering Facebook IPO to Promote Occupy Rhetoric and Government Regulation

Following a report on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News about the dropping value of Facebook's initial public stock offering and possible investigations into what went wrong, anchor Brian Williams ...
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