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NYT Claims 'An Uneventful Weekend' in Chicago...Except for the Mass Arrests and Terror Plots

The Times praised "an uneventful weekend" of anti-NATO protests in Chicago -- but there were 90 arrests, anti-cop violence, and a foiled terrorist plot. The paper also strove to portray ...
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NATO Protests Were Sign of Potential Occupy Strength for NYTimes...Until Terror Plots and Arrests

What happened between Thursday and Sunday that cause the Occupy protest movement to disappear from the Times' radar? The Times on Thursday, before violence at the NATO summit in Chicago: ...
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Media Breeze By Politically Embarrassing Occupy May Day Protests

When the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement first arrived on the scene back in October of 2011 the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) news networks greeted, what they viewed as the left’s answer to the Tea ...
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Occupy-Loving Washington Post Pushes Furnishings for the 1 Percent

‘House Calls’ section recommends room makeovers costing thousands of dollars.
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ABC Sanitizes May Day's Communist Ties, Touts the 'Traditional Day of Protest'

According to the reporters at Good Morning America, May Day is a "traditional day of protest," one in which members of the Occupy movement can get "fired up about." Reporter John Berman ...
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Krugman: Blame the Right Wing and 'Inequality,' not Obama, for Today's Economic Paralysis

Times columnist Paul Krugman and his wife contribute to the lefty Occupy Handbook: "So how did we end up in this state? How did America become a nation that could not rise to the biggest ...

New York Times Lead Story Sees Yet Another Victory for Occupy Wall Street: Executive Pay

The left-wing Occupy Wall Street sit-in was kicked out of Zuccotti Park months ago, but the New York Times claimed to see its handprint in Wednesday's lead story. Reporters Jessica ...

After Violent Attack by Anarchists, Times Strains to Note Occupy Protests 'Largely Devoid of Property Damage'

More downplaying of violence and vandalism of left-wing protests from the New York Times: "The demonstration, which, according to the police and witnesses, left in its path a trail of graffiti ...
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Occupy.com - A Gift from the 1 Percent

Hollywood funds new Huffington Post-style website for Occupiers.
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NYTimes Frets Over Reduced Visibility of 'Populist' Occupy Movement, Then Suggests They've Already Won

Times reporter Michael Schmidt: "Whether Occupy has a resurgence, it has already had a significant influence on American politics, making economic inequality -- and specifically the top “1 ...
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