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Alan Cowell the Anti-Capitalist Sees Still More 'Greed' in His New York Times Reporting

London-based Alan Cowell on "runaway capitalist greed": "Moving after midnight, bailiffs supported by police officers dismantled a tent encampment outside St. Paul's Cathedral here early ...
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Occupy Wall Street Infiltrates NYT Stories on Play Revival and Titanic Anniversary (Again)

Charles Isherwood, theater critic, plays financial reformer: "The Occupy Wall Street movement has brought an intensified focus on the growing inequities in the economy and the dubious practices ...
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Judge on CBS Prime Time Drama Cheers ‘Amazing’ Occupy Protesters: ‘I Salute Them’

Occupy Wall Street earned a shout-out Sunday night on a CBS drama, the kind of Hollywood affirmation the Tea Party could never dream of receiving. “Before we begin,” a judge announced in a ...
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