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How TV Censorship Works for Democrats

The TV networks seem to have two tracks in covering Democratic scandals: ignore them, or if coverage is unavoidable, ignore the D next to the scandal subject's name.
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The Media’s Coverage of the Libya Attacks: From Slanted to Suppressed

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libay, all three broadcast networks touted the political angle that the events would bolster President Obama and damage Mitt Romney. ...

As Obama Affirms End to Combat in Iraq, Only ABC Credits Troop Surge that Obama Opposed

All three broadcast evening newscasts on Monday ran full reports on President Obama's declaration that all combat troops would leave Iraq by the end of this month. But only ABC's World News ...

War in Iraq Low on Obama's Agenda; Compliant Media Move On, Too

"Despite persistent violence and a critical election coming up, President Obama hardly ever mentions the war in Iraq," Joseph Curl reports in Thursday's Washington Times. Curl discloses that "the ...

Times Leaves Off Rattner's Friendship With NYT Publisher

A story on a brewing controversy involving financier-turned-Obama-advisor Steven Rattner made no mention of his close friendship with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., although the paper ...

Examination of Rahm Emanuel's Finances Leaves Out Freddie Mac

Reporter Michael Luo completely ignores incoming Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's service on the board of the disgraced Freddie Mac during a period the organization was misleading its investors.
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