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$5.6 Million from Soros Aids Universities That Boycott Israel

Academic boycott ignores hypocrisy, cites Palestinian grievances.
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We Can’t Have Nazi Demonstrations Because of ‘Jewish Extremists,’ says Palestinian University President

State Dept-funded school says creation of Israel the real tragedy of the Holocaust.
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New York Times Continues to 'Vex' Romney Over Hidden Video, This Time on Palestinian Issue

Sarah Wheaton wrote: "Just hours after Mitt Romney struggled to explain a blunt cultural assessment revealed in a leaked video from a private fund-raiser, footage of an equally blunt foreign ...

Wolf Blitzer Bemoans Perry's 'Undermining' of Obama UN Address

CNN's Wolf Blitzer fretted over Rick Perry blasting Obama's foreign policy soon before the President was to deliver his address to the United Nations. CNN analyst David Gergen agreed with him, ...

Andrea Mitchell Laments Palestinian Statehood Fight Spoiling Obama's Libya 'Victory Lap'

Reporting on President Obama speaking at the United Nations for Wednesday's NBC Today, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell sympathetically declared: "Preparing for today's speech, ...

Obama's Other Foreign Policy Sounding Board - NYT's Thomas Friedman - Mocks Israel, Congress

NewsBusters previously reported that CNN's Fareed Zakaria had met with President Obama face-to-face to discuss foreign policy. Obama's other reported "source" of information on foreign policy, New ...

After Predicting No Israeli Objections to Obama's Mideast Speech, CNN's Zakaria Hits Netanyahu for Objecting

After proclaiming that he would be "surprised if anyone in Israel" objected to Obama's Middle East speech, CNN's Fareed Zakaria ripped Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his refusal to ...

Andrea Mitchell, Guest Scold GOP 2012 Hopefuls for Disagreeing with Obama on Israel

In lockstep with Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who scolded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "please don't speak to my President that way," MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell cautioned of the ...

Ad in Foreign Policy Magazine Praises Palestinian Terrorists

Group calls for radical restructuring of 'Nazi-state' Israel's border.
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