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NY Times Allows Atheists' Full-Page, Anti-Catholic Ad; Rejected 'Anti-Muslim' Ad in 2012

The Federalist's David Harsanyi pointed out the New York Times's clear double standard when it comes to advertising in a Thursday post on Twitter. The writer recounted that the liberal paper ...
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NYT Movie Critic A.O. Scott Defends Criminal Vandalism of 'Savage' Subway Poster: 'Free Expression' and 'Democracy'

New York Times movie critic A.O.Scott elevates criminal vandalism of a subway poster put up by "extremist" Pamela Geller to "free expression" and "democracy":"It might not be something that's ...
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Anti-Catholic Ad OK in New York Times, But Similar Anti-Islam Ad Rejected

There's a double standard on religious-bashing ads in the New York Times suggests the Daily Caller's Neil Munro: "Executives at The New York Times have rejected a full-page anti-Islam ...
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