Shallow Palin Survived Debate on "Talking Points," Won't Help McCain

The Times thinks the Palin-Biden vice presidential debate will soon be forgotten. Would it feel the same way if Palin had flopped?

Republican Convention Too White and Too Male for NYT Reporter

Patrick Healy forwarded Democratic criticism of the GOP's "unrepresentative sea of white faces, the ghost of elections to come..."

Obama's Attacks Applauded; 2004 GOP Attacks Were Assailed as "Brutal...Furious Assault"

The Times saluted Barack Obama's "good, great or something else" speech for its "cutting language" against Republicans - but four years ago Republicans were accused of "ruthless" and "brutal" ...

Times Unearths More Republicans for Obama, in Indiana

Patrick Healy unearths Obama Republicans in Indiana (a week after the Indianapolis Star ran a similar story) and portrays Obama, who supports partial-birth abortion, as someone who would work to ...

Reporter Hammers Bush's "Rigid," "With-Us-Or-Against-Us Presidency"

Patrick Healy cites words of wisdom from John Kerry to explain why voters have turned to senators: "Maybe what John Kerry...called the 'stubbornness' and 'rigidity' of the Bush administration has ...

Conservatives Making "Racially Tinged Remarks" Against Obama

Reporter Patrick Healy: "McCain advisers also say they are wary of unleashing allies to attack Mr. Obama, given how some conservatives have overstepped and been criticized for racially tinged ...

Drop Out Hillary, You're Winning Too Many Votes

Patrick Healy on the latest argument for Hillary to clear the path for St. Obama: "One longtime friend and adviser, Roger Altman, an official in the Clinton Treasury Department, recently urged ...

Times Frets Over "Racially Divisive" Anti-Obama Ad in NC

Twice in two days the paper has worried that a new GOP ad invoking Jeremiah Wright's hateful words may be racially divisive. Speaking of divisive, the Times has yet to quote Wright's "God damn ...

Can We Get a "Liberal" Label?

Hillary Clinton's "populist turn" - taking on insurers and going after drug companies.

Times Mostly Falls for Hillary's Tears

The news pages mostly fall for Hillary's emotional display, but Maureen Dowd detects "a whiff of Nixonian self-pity."
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