Oppose Obama? Racist

Maureen Dowd imagines Rep. Joe Wilson shouting a derogatory word at Obama and uses her feverish imagination to slime all South Carolina Republicans as racists: "But, fair or not, what I heard was ...

Katharine Seelye Busts "Myths" About Obama-Care That Are Actually Valid

Katharine Seelye insists that many valid criticisms of Obama-care (that abortion would be covered, that illegal immigrants would get taxpayer-funded care, and that private insurance would be ...

"Almost Entirely White and Irritable Crowd" of "Angry" Obama-Care Protesters

Plus a Tribute to Terrorist Arafat's ""Spirit"" and Krugman Thinks Obama-Care Opponents Are Racist

Paul Krugman: Hey, Let's Not Get "Hysterical" Over $9 Trillion Deficit

Not so bad, at least compared to what it was during the biggest military conflict in world history.

Dear NY Times: Right to Worry about ObamaCare

Despite Krugman, there are many reasons to fear the unintended consequences of health 'reform.'

Krugman Calls for Second Stimulus, Suggests 'Environmental Policies' to 'Change Things'

Liberal New York Times Columnist tells CNBC Asia inflation not a threat, another stimulus should be green-lighted.

Paul Krugman Sees Racism Among Town Hall "Mob" Protesters

Paul Krugman: "...the driving force behind the town hall mobs is probably the same cultural and racial anxiety that's behind the 'birther''s a strategy that has played a central ...

Other Than That, the Story Was Accurate

Plus: Savvy Health Care Predictions & More Lies from the Swift Boat Vets

Dear NY Times: Krugman's Argument for Universal Care is Weak

Fees on business will lead to lower employee wages possibly making health insurance even less affordable.

Krugman on Colbert: Bushies Were Stupid, Crazy

Columnist Paul Krugman on The Colbert Report: "[People in the White House] understand what the problems of the economy are. You know, as I say, they're not stupid, they're not crazy, which is a ...
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