Haditha 'Massacre' Coverage Ends as it Begins, With Presumption of Marine Guilt

Reporter Michael Schmidt: "Iraqis were outraged Tuesday to learn that the Marine considered the ringleader of a 2005 massacre that left 24 of their countrymen dead in 2005 was sentenced on Tuesday ...

Times Still Calling 'Haditha' a Crime, Despite Acquittals of Marines

From the cover of the Times Sunday Book Review: "Of all the crimes that sullied the record of the United States military in Iraq - the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the killings of 24 Iraqi ...

Times Maintains Near Silence as Haditha "Massacre" Case Crumbles

The Times ran over 35 stories on the Haditha "massacre," but issued only brief wire reports as the case against two Marines crumbled.

Murder Case Against Marines Collapsing: Times Called Haditha a "Massacre"

As the case against marines in the killing of Iraqi civilians in Haditha disintegrates, a review of Paul von Zielbauer's slanted coverage of the "massacre."
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