Obit Writer Sees Communist as 'Educator,' Conservative as 'Far Right...Unbending Ideologue'

For Times obituary writer Bruce Weber, Communist Angela Davis is merely an "activist and educator," but the late conservative activist Paul Weyrich was "one of the far right's most unbending ...

Matthews Insults GOP Congresswoman as 'Replicant From Blade Runner'

Chris Matthews, on Thursday's Hardball, took GOP Congresswoman Virginia Foxx to task for claiming that Republicans "passed civil rights bills in the sixties" as he accused her of having a bad ...

Medicare Trims Suddenly Not So Scary When Obama Proposes Them

Plus Falling for French Prank & Liberal Snobbery on the Loose

The "Ultra-Conservative" Paul Weyrich an "Unbending Ideologue"

Even in marking the death of conservative icon Paul Weyrich (pictured), the Times couldn't resist piling on unflattering labels.
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