Occupy Wall Street, Still Seeping Into the NYT's Consciousness

The Times can hope: "About two-thirds of Americans now believe there are 'strong conflicts' between rich and poor in the United States, a survey by the Pew Research Center found, a sign that the ...

By Record Margin, Public Sees Media as 'Politically Biased'

Two polls released Thursday show the public now sees the media as liberal, biased, inaccurate, untrustworthy, harmful to democracy and even immoral. A poll of 1501 adults conducted by the Pew ...

New Poll: Most Americans See Media As Biased and Favoring Obama

More bad news for the media: A new poll on from Sacred Heart University's Polling Institute finds five out of six Americans (83.6%) see the national news media as "very or somewhat biased," and ...

WaPo: Conservatives Are Happier than Liberals

And it has something to do with personal responsibility, religion and marriage. Go figure

Times Can't Figure Out Why Media's Ignoring Iraq Lately

Could the surge and resulting decline in the fatality rate for U.S. troops have something to do with it? The Times gives five other reasons before even making the suggestion.

Pew Poll: Press Promotes Progressive Results, Conceals Conservative Results

Stories focus on de-linking of childrearing and marriage, but ignore growing opposition to same-sex marriage.

Pew Poll on Marriage and Parenthood Reflects Narcissism, Cultural Corrosion

Is marriage about fulfilling adults, or is it about raising children?
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