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MSNBC Uses Bogus Picture to Bash Beef

‘News Nation’ hypes Politico story on return of lean beef to some school lunches.
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NYTimes: Economic 'Recovery' Helping 'Energized, Fortified' Obama Down Stretch As Romney 'Misleads' in Ad

The New York Times certainly leaned "Forward!" for Barack Obama's reelection in its campaign coverage over the weekend, in both word choice and photo choice. And New Jersey's Republican governor ...

Great Minds Think Alike? NYT Runs Similar Heds, Pics at Front of Two Separate Sections

Are headline writers for the Sunday New York Times suffering some summer creative doldrums?

NYT Ponders: Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement Just 'Varying Degrees of Rage'

Domestic terrorist group Weather Underground and the peaceful anti-tax protesters of the Tea Party movement - just "varying degrees of rage," according to a photo caption accompanying Benedict ...

Weather Underground, Tea Party Movement: Just 'Varying Degrees of Rage'?

Domestic terrorists Weather Underground and peaceful anti-tax protesters of the Tea Party movement - just "varying degrees of rage" according to a photo caption accompanying Benedict Carey's story.

Surprise: Times Shows Respect to Pro-Life Demonstrators

Reporter Damien Cave's front-page story was notable for the respect he showed a particular group of aggressive political demonstrators that don't garner plaudits from the media - pro-lifers. The ...

L.A. Lines Up for Free Health Care in "An Outpouring of Need"

Pro-tax reporter Jennifer Steinhauer contrasts downtrodden folks in Los Angeles waiting in a long line for free health care with the "angry" protesters found at town hall meetings.

Obama "Wins Troops' Cheers" in Iraq, But Bush's Thanksgiving Visit Greeted With Petulance

Obama visits Baghdad: "In Unexpected Visit to Iraq, Obama Wins Troops' Cheers." Bush visits Baghdad in Thanksgiving 2003: "President Bush with American troops yesterday at the mess hall at Baghdad ...

Times Readers Revolt Against "Plantation-Style" Photos in Surrogacy Article

Readers didn't appreciate the rich woman/poor servant feel of Times' reporter Alex Kuczynski's article on hiring a surrogate to bear her child.

McCain's "Joe the Plumber" Flop; An NYT Photo Flop

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller lingered lovingly over a McCain campaign flub involving no-show Joe the Plumber, a story accompanied by a photo of McCain talking only to himself. Obama, by contrast, ...
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