CNN's Piers Morgan Pushes Rudy Giuliani, Libertarian Comedian Jillette to Endorse Higher Taxes

CNN host Piers Morgan argued for tax hikes during interviews with two separate guests on his Tuesday night show.

CNN's Piers Morgan Cheerleads for Obama

CNN's Piers Morgan tried to breathe some life into Obama's flagging presidency Wednesday, maintaining that America "needs" the President to get back in touch with his voters.

Did CNN's Piers Morgan Forget About U.S. Military Action In Libya?

While Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was calling for troop withdrawal in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for that military spending to go to deficit reduction, CNN's Piers Morgan would not press him about ...

GOP Congressman Fires Back at Piers Morgan in Interview: 'You're Just Making Your Show a Joke'

CNN's Piers Morgan kept bludgeoning Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) with provocative liberal questions, and finally the congressman had enough of the theater. Mack scolded the CNN host for making a ...

CNN's Don Lemon Asks If Obama Should Run as Conservative in 2012

Channeling liberal disenchantment with President Obama, CNN anchor Don Lemon wondered Monday if the President would be "better off running as a conservative" in the next election.

ABC Rips Into CNN's Piers Morgan, Gloats That Hacking Scandal Could 'Wipe the Smile from His Face'

Good Morning America's Nick Watt on Thursday launched into a mocking attack on CNN host Piers Morgan and his role in the British hacking scandal. With barely restrained glee, Watt gloated, "The ...

CNN's Piers Morgan Rails Against Republicans for Not 'Compromising,' Slaps Anti-Tax Hike Stand as 'Crazy'

Acting as if he were trying out for a MSNBC gig, Piers Morgan used his half hour of CNN's prime time, following President Barack Obama's 9 PM EDT speech on the debt ceiling and House Speaker John ...

Piers Morgan Insists 'No Partisanship' at CNN; Reality Says Otherwise

According to cable host Piers Morgan, CNN is bias-free. On his June 22 program, the anchor declared of his network: "What it doesn't have is partisanship, which is a very different thing from ...

During Journalistic Lovefest on CNN, 'Queen of England' Christiane Amanpour Swears She's Objective

Former CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour appeared on Wednesday's Piers Morgan show and was praised as being like "the queen of England" and "Beyonce." The Piers Morgan Tonight host also allowed ...
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