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Hate and Bile: Left-Wing Attacks on Women Get Little Press

Violent, sexual language, crude epithets, even death wishes – conservative women get the worst in liberals. 
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Krugman's Revealing Playboy Interview: Supports Occupy Movement, Defends Revolting 9-11 Anniversary Comments

Columnist Paul Krugman in Playboy (an interview, thank goodness) says Occupy Wall Street has performed a "great service," and brags on himself for being persecuted during the post-9-11 period: ...

Surprise! New Fall TV Lineup Heavy on Sex

Networks turn to one night stands, playboy bunnies and the immature hookup culture to draw viewers this autumn.

NBC's Naked Ambitions

A pilot "likely" be a fall series on NBC glamorizes the Playboy Club in Chicago in the Sixties - complete with actors being required by contract to be naked for NBC.

NBC's Naked Ambitions

NBC, the Naked Broadcasting Company

Hugh Hefner's Deep Self-Love

Despite a new documentary hailing him as an "activist rebel," Hugh Hefner at 84 is not the envy of every red-blooded American male. He's just a threadbare satin cliche.

AP Promotes Playboy's 'Safe for Work' Sex Site

Report ignores dangers of pornography, lost time on non-work websites.

Jesus Depicted in Sex Scenes by Portuguese Playboy

Porn mag's international editions continue assault on Christian figures.

Grinch-o-Meter Alert: Playboy Mexico Mocks Virgin Mary

Magazine publisher claims it never meant offense.

Tennis Pro Harkleroad Poses for Playboy; Reuters Hails 'Glamorous Coup'

Article quotes star Serena Williams praising Georgia girl's courage, but cites no critics of pornography.
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