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Media Yawn at Obama and Biden Snubbing Auschwitz Anniversary; Mocked Cheney’s Appearance in 2005

Tuesday marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and, naturally, the event attracted plenty of media coverage. In addition to each of the three major networks devoting segments ...
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Networks Focus on Romney “Gaffes” in 86% of Coverage of Trip Abroad

The Media Research Center has released a new analysis of the 21 ABC, CBS and NBC evening news stories about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's trip to London, Israel and Poland ...
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Heckling Romney Abroad

Romney's trip abroad succeeded in demonstrationg how unbelievable shameless and partisan our "objective" media can be.
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CNN Absurdly Claims Romney Aide's Outburst Was 'Sort of' 'Unprovoked'

CNN excused reporters for shouting questions that could have passed for heckling outside a sacred site in Poland, but ripped a Mitt Romney aide who responded by cursing at them. On Thursday ...
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Romney Aide Admonishes Rude Reporters, NBC Treats it as a Gaffe

On Tuesday's NBC Today, campaign correspondent Peter Alexander attempted to spin bad behavior by reporters covering Mitt Romney's trip to Poland as a new controversy for the presidential ...

Reporter Uses Poland's Tragedy to Deride 'Crass' Post-Communist Capitalism

The Times' Eastern Europe correspondent Dan Bilefsky can't deal with the "crass commercialism" taking over Europe after the fall of Communism: "Learning the lessons of capitalism; profit nudges ...

Poland's 'Daughters of Capitalism' Sign of Post-Communist 'Moral Decadence'

In one of many ideologically loaded sentences in his story from Warsaw, reporter Dan Bilefsky claimed the movie Mall Girls" has provoked a national debate about moral decadence in this ...

A "Widening Witch Hunt" for Communist Informers in Poland

Extremely biased, and not even close to the truth - the Polish bishop, Stanislaw Wielgus, has already admitted to collaborating with the Communist secret police.
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