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Pop-Culture Titans Bow to the Pope?

The aura around Pope Francis is being used by the Left to absolve themselves of charges of anti-Catholicism or being soft on terrorism.
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CNN Hammers Catholic Church to Change Teaching on Gay Marriage, Birth Control

On Monday night, CNN's Erin Burnett badgered the Catholic church to change its doctrine and accept birth control, gay marriage, and women priests. All day long on Monday, CNN asked if the church ...
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NYT: Post-Benedict, Catholic Church Could 'Broaden Its Appeal' in 'Small' Ways...Like Changing Its Doctrine

From the Times main article on Pope Benedict's shocking resignation: "The resignation sets up a struggle between the staunchest conservatives, in Benedict’s mold, who advocated a smaller church ...
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Farewell, Pope Benedict: Soledad O'Brien Promotes 'Riveting' Anti-Catholic Documentary

Only an hour after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the papacy, and not ten minutes into Monday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien hosted the director of an anti-Catholic ...
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CNN Welcomes Pope Benedict to Retirement With Litany of His 'Serious Controversies'

Right as CNN's The Situation Room reported the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, correspondent Brian Todd launched into a litany of the "controversies" of his papacy and pushed the positive ...
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NYT Still Ignoring CEO Mark Thompson Controversy: What Did He Know About Child Sex Abuse and When?

The New York Times ran two stories on the same page of Thursday's International section that touched on long-running sex-and-media scandals. But there's one the paper is ignoring that hits ...

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