Networks Jokingly Highlight 'Unhate' Campaign Featuring Pope in Gay Kiss

The network morning shows on Thursday took a mostly light-hearted look at clothing company Benetton's ad campaign featuring the Pope kissing a Muslim cleric. The ads, which have now been pulled ...

Getting Progressively Wronger on the Pope's Condom Comments

At first, the Times recognized the Pope's comments on sexual morality and condoms were "limited," but became convinced by liberal Catholics that a whole revolution has taken place, and the church ...

HuffPo Columnist Calls for Pope's Arrest

Derek Beres not only calls for Pope Benedict to be arrested, but compares him to Roman Polanski.

The Media's Vatican Coup

It's bad enough when liberal media elites want to run the Republican party or conservative movement. What Catholic would trust them to run the Catholic Church? They see the church as a loathsome ...

NY Times Columnist Calls for Priests to Marry, Choosing Female Pope

Maureen Dowd joins media's appeal for liberal reforms in the Catholic Church.

Times Avoids Pope Quotes, Highlights Harsh Accusers

It's easy to denounce the Vatican's poor public-relations efforts when you're unwilling to quote the Pope in your story, but you're eager to let people accuse him of being an "enthusiastic Nazi."

No Restraint Necessary

An NBC report attacks Pope Benedict for daring to suggest that condoms are not the end-all and be-all to AIDS prevention.

Bill Maher Slanders Pope Benedict XVI

Comedian's HBO-sponsored hate speech is nothing new.
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