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Hearst Granddaughter Slams ‘Pornographic’ Cosmo

Victoria Hearst to launch ‘Cosmo Harms Minors’ campaign.
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Despite its Success, it’s still Worth Protesting ‘50 Shades’

Bondage porn flick made $80 Million last weekend. All the more reason to oppose it.
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Nicki Minaj, MTV and Pornified Pop

From Madonna to stripper hip, pop goes porn.
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The Pornified Professor vs. Pro-Life Youth

In California, an "associate professor of feminist studies" who specializes in pornography is charged with assaulting pro-life teenage girls. A news blackout follows.
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HuffPo Cites Sex Toy Maker Survey to Push Porn to Women

Porn good for women’s relationships, sex, according to site.
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Upside-Down Movie Ratings Games

A New York City theater ignores the NC-17 rating for a lesbian-porn "art" movie, but lesbians want a feminist movie rating system instead.
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ABC's Porn Pinup for Teenage Girls

Sometimes it’s hard to measure the distance between the supposedly establishment, respectable press and the seediest corners of hardcore pornography. Take "James Deen."
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CNN Hypes Santorum's 'War on Pornography,' Questions Why He's Making It an Issue

Even though enforcing federal obscenity laws is at the bottom of Rick Santorum's "Issues" page on his website, CNN blared headlines about his "war on pornography" and questioned why he was even ...

The Diseases of Pornography

A 24-year-old man signs up for the porn business, and quickly contracts four sexually transmitted diseases - including the HIV virus. Where are the "safe sex" promoters?

Hugh Hefner's Deep Self-Love

Despite a new documentary hailing him as an "activist rebel," Hugh Hefner at 84 is not the envy of every red-blooded American male. He's just a threadbare satin cliche.
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