After Two Years of Disrespect, CNN Teams Up with Tea Party for GOP Debate

CNN recently announced plans to team up with the Tea Party Express to co-sponsor a GOP presidential debate in September. Yet over the past two years, CNN's supposedly objective correspondents and ...

Stanley Again Gets Front-Page Treatment for Lightweight Anti-McCain Musings

Alessandra Stanley: "[McCain] smiled tightly when Mr. Obama spoke, perhaps under instruction from aides not to be grumpy as he attacked on multiple fronts. But viewers saw not the happy warrior so ...

McCain "Inconsistent and Testy" and Looked "a Little Strange" in Debate

Patrick Healy mocks McCain's debate performance two days after chiding Sarah Palin's speechmaking and her supporters, saying that McCain's performance went downhill when he "refused to let the ...

Oh, So That's Why He Did It

Reporter Jackie Calmes "scrambles" to portray John McCain as desperate on economic issues.

Entirely Wrong Times Says McCain's Tax Claim "Simply False"

A fact-checking flub by Larry Rohter: "Mr. McCain's claim has been called 'simply false' by the nonpartisan" vs. "McCain was right..."

Fact-Check Reporter Quietly Fact-Checks Himself on Bad Anti-McCain Claim

Larry Rohter on Saturday claimed McCain was "simply false" to say that Obama voted to raise taxes on people making just $42,000 a year. On Tuesday, he wrote: "The bottom line is that if passed ...

On NYT's Front Page: "Cranky," Forgetful John McCain

Alessandra Stanley: "[McCain] repeated that he had not been elected Miss Congeniality of the Senate - some viewers might have wondered if he had forgotten that he had already used that metaphor."

How Dare McCain Talk About Winning In Iraq!

A lead editorial bizarrely chastises McCain for wanting America to win in Iraq.

Watch Your Back, Barack: McCain Will "Distort" Your Views in Debate

Reporter Katharine Seelye warns that John McCain is "handy with the rhetorical shiv" in debates and tells Obama to expect to have his views distorted by McCain.
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