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Chris Matthews Admits: Press Is 'Pro-Obama'; If President Disagrees, He's 'Crazy'

Even Chris Matthews admits it. Talking to the liberal Alex Wagner on Wednesday's Hardball about the IRS scandal, the cable host came clean on the press and their love for Barack Obama. After ...
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AP Phone Records Furor Breaks 335 Days of Silence on Obama Leak Scandal

The media furor that began Monday night over the Justice Department obtaining two months of phone records from the Associated Press marks the first time since June 12, 2012 that any of the Big ...
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Exhibit 2-25: Pew Finds Record Low Respect for News Media (2011)

A July 2011 poll from the Pew Research Center documented how the public’s opinion of the media has significantly deteriorated since the group began polling in 1985, with record numbers seeing the ...

George Soros: Media Mogul

Lefty Businessman Spends Millions Funding Journalism

ESPN Turns from Sports to Gay-Marriage

From "Play of the Week" to contentious social issues.

Obama Ignores Unemployment Rise to 9.1%, Job Gains of only 54,000

ABC's Jake Tapper notices president's 'non-acknowledgment' of June 3 jobs report.

Mark Halperin: Press Would Be 'Up In Arms' If GOP President Framed Opposition's Budget as Un-American

Time's Mark Halperin bluntly called out the mainstream media for their double standard on Thursday's "Morning Joe." If, as Obama did Wednesday, a Republican president framed his opposition's ...
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