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That Terrible "Ted" Movie

Seth MacFarlane's profane-teddy-bear movie "Ted" is a box-office smash. His fans cannot consume enough of his pop-culture sewage.
Media Research Center

Another Fleeting Failure for NBC

NBC failed to stop British rap artist "M.I.A." from an obscene gesture during the Super Bowl halftime show. But they cut "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance at last year's U.S. Open golf ...

Sleazy Songs of Summer

Ever wonder what those teenagers are listening to while wearing those i-Pod earphones? Maybe you'd rather not know. You will be horrified.

MTV's Pinata of Profanity

MTV's Movie Awards show was a pre-planned profanity barrage, starting with Tom Cruise. What is it about celebrities that they absolutely must be obscene in front of audiences with millions of ...

CBS: The Toilet Network

CBS has obliterated another barrier of tastefulness by naming a show after fecal matter. They call it "$#*! My Dad Says." They could have called it "Stuff My Dad Says," but the desire to shock and ...

Calvin Klein 'X' Ad Aims for X-Rated Theme

Famous brand releases yet another vulgar underwear advertisement full of 'censored' profanity and underwear-clad men offering to show more of themselves.

Blue Tube

Four Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From YouTube This Summer

If You See F-Bombs

Fifteen year-old vilified for standing up against profanity.

Profane and Sexual Album Gets Grammy Nod

All but one song on Lil Wayne's top-selling album contain questionable content.

Hollywood's Ridiculous Lawyers

Hollywood's lawyers are arguing against the FCC's legalistic definition of profanity (and common sense) when they suggest that when people use the F-word, it doesn't always have a sexual connotation.
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