NBC vs. Goldman Sachs

Faux populism, class warfare and outright distortion color reports sully an economic bright spot.

'World News' Charges Goldman Sachs with Making Too Much Profit

ABC segment suggests investment bank took 'too much risk' in effort to show positive returns in recessionary economy.

Crude Coverage

Media ignore OPECs control of oil market when covering Americas pain at the pump.

NPR's $100 Oil Series: Profits Will Be Used for New Exploration

Report explains how higher prices enable companies to invest in the future of energy.

Bad Company III

For American Businessmen in the News, the Defense Never Rests

Gas Price Season: California, Here We Come

Media love to mention the state's expensive gas, but rarely include major causes: taxes and regulation.

Prescription For Bias

Networks Downplay Drug Costs, Treat Medicine as Entitlement

NBC's Williams Punches 'Big Oil' with Populist Talking Points

But in his snarky swipe at oil profits, anchor left out historical perspective on gas prices and practical reasons why 30-cent gas is unfeasible.
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