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Conservative Economists: Why is Restoring Economic Growth ‘Controversial?’

Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore call for policies that encourage growth in IBD op-ed.

John Schwartz's Annual Distort: Mocking Bush's Social Security Reform, Reaganomics

Reporter John Schwartz is making an annual specialty out of mocking Republican economic ideas in the paper's special Mutual Funds Report section: In 2005 President Bush's attempt at Social ...

Zing! Times Asks Obama: "Are You a Socialist?"

Reporter Peter Baker defends the question from outcry from the Angry Left: "The point is not the label, per se, but the question of whether the times and the solutions under consideration ...
Media Research Center

Ronald Reagan: Overcoming a Fierce First Draft of History

The 40th President and the Press: The Record
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