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New Anti-American Show Praised by USA Network President

Chris McCumber calls upcoming series, Mr. Robot, ‘timely and relevant.' 
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NYT's Eduardo Porter Finds Ideal 'Model' for Reducing Pollution: The Great Recession

Economics columnist Eduardo Porter saves the punch line of "A Model for Reducing Emissions" forparagraph nine, when he revealed that the "model" is economic recession: "But the main reasons are ...
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Economic Growth Turns Negative, CBS Only Network to Admit Rate

NBC ignores GDP, while ABC dances around the ‘speed bump’ with positive report; print downplays drop.
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NYT's Tale of Three Inaugurals: 'Questioning the Propriety' of Bush, But 'Cause for Celebration' for Obama

A tale of presidential inaugurations during wartime and strife. In 2005, the year of President George W. Bush's second inauguration, the New York Times was "question[ing] the propriety of a lavish ...
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Cramer Says Recession by Christmas if Fiscal Cliff Not Resolved

'Mad Money' host tells 'Meet the Press' that without a deal, businesses will lay off workers.
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Networks Practically Silent on GDP Despite Its Decline

ABC, CBS and NBC news programs have barely mentioned how slowly the economy is growing, but used to report the important figure.
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The Sequel

Historic! No New Jobs Added in August; First Time since 1945

CNBC's Rick Santelli guesses right net payroll figure, but unemployment rate remains steady at 9.1 percent.

Networks Submerge Disastrous GDP Numbers Into Debt Ceiling Impact; ABC Spikes Revised 1st Q Flatline

The broadcast network evening newscasts on Friday night noted the very anemic second quarter GDP growth rate at 1.3 percent, but instead of stressing how it showed the weak economic state well ...

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell: Why Cut Spending In a Recession?

On Morning Joe Wednesday, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell questioned the entire debate over which government spending programs to slash, asking why the President and Congress are even considering ...
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