Zandi Mongers Panic: Warns Deeper Recession Over Potential Spread of Swine Flu

Moody's chief economist claims global downturn will intensify if flu strain spreads throughout the globe.

Big-Spending Obama's Not Liberal, Just "Pragmatic"

Reporter Richard Stevenson claims the big-spending, tax-raising president is actually committed "to the most basic conservative tenets: the power of markets as an engine of innovation and ...

Strapped for Cash? Murder Your Unborn Child

Bonnie Erbe argues abortion is a good decision in a recession.

Krugman Garners Newsweek Cover for Left-Wing Criticism of Obamanomics

News magazine fawns over Nobel Prize-winning Times columnist; wonders 'what if he's right?'

Amazing Omissions in Times Interview of Barney Frank

A Times writer manages to talk to Barney Frank about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and an SNL skit without bringing up a single challenging question.

Free-Market Radical From Czech Republic "Embarrasses" EU Again

Once again, the Times chides a Czech Republic leader's infuriating embrace of free-market principles.

McCain's "Strong Economy" vs. Obama's "Sound Economy"

When John McCain claimed "the fundamentals of our economy are strong," the Times hammered him as out of touch and ignorant about economics. How will they treat Obama's almost-identical statement?

Liberal Timothy Egan Passes Moral Judgment on "Truly Awful Rich People"

Egan celebrates the death tax and wonders if there's a Hell painful enough for Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay, and Leona Helmsley.

"Obama Administration" vs. "The Government"

When bad news hits, does the Times shift responsibility from Barack Obama to place the blame on that more generic institution "the government"?

Newsweek's Gross on Blaming Obama for Lack of Market Confidence: That's 'Absurd'

CNBC panel discusses BusinessWeek cover contemplating the question of the new administration's role in market turmoil.
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