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Oversensitive NYTimes Editor Laments Success of GOP 'Deceit and Ridicule' of Successful Stimulus

Former New York Times reporter turned editor David Firestone says the stimulus actually worked and you would think so too if not for those meddling Republicans: "Republicans learned a lesson from ...

Defending Obama, NYTimes' Richard Oppel Turns Tables on Romney, Laments 'Redistribution' to 'Very Rich'

Richard Oppel Jr., refusing to concede anything to Mitt Romney, fiercely defends Obama and, using a liberal trope, laments the alleged redistribution of income to the "very rich": "What is ...

CNBC's Kernen Declares Obama's Populist Tactics Proof He Advocates 'Redistribution of Wealth'

'Squawk Box' host tells viewers president's tax policy a signal 'he really believes that wealth needs to be redistributed after the income disparity over the past 30 years.'

Huckabee: Obama's Redistribution Extends to Health Care, Foreign Policy

FNC host and former Arkansas governor says president's policies well-intentioned, but gone about 'in the worst possible way if they're really serious about recovery.'

Desperate McCain Reduced to Calling Obama a "Redistributionist"

Katharine Seelye: "You know a campaign is reaching when it starts calling the opponent a 'redistributionist,' as Mr. McCain said of 'Barack the wealth-spreader.'"

Maddow Claims Obama 'Socialist' Label is 'Racially Divisive'

Liberal MSNBC host says McCain-Palin critique of wealth redistribution tax plan an effort to 'summon and stoke' the Bradley Effect.

NY Times: Poverty's a Huge Issue, Though We're Better Off Than Ever; Wealth Redistribution is Centrist Policy

NY Times Magazine devotes 21,000 words to warped economic perspective.
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