Times Glad 'Wide-Eyed Admiration' for Wall Street Is Over

In Friday's lead, Binyamin Appelbaum and David Herszenhorn welcome re-regulation by Congress over financial markets: "The government watched and did nothing as the bulk of financial activity moved ...

Time Says Oil Spill is Everyone's Fault but Big Government

Bryan Walsh blames spill on public's love of cheap gas and distrust of government regulation.

AP Claims FDA is 'Stretched Thin,' Needs More Authority

Institute of Medicine report finds FDA 'lacks vision necessary to protect consumers,' AP ignores funding increase.

Huffington on ABC's This Week: 'Absolutely a Thousand Percent Bush-Cheney's Fault'

"Sooner or later, we'll blame this on George W. Bush," George Will presciently predicted on Sunday's Week during the roundtable's look as how President Barack Obama is handling the gulf oil leak. ...

NY Times Critical of Food Industry Opposition to Salt Regulation

Newspaper leads with salt's 'ill effects on the nation's health,' buries study about portion control.

Margaret Carlson Despairs that After Bush-Cheney Big Oil is 'Too Big to Regulate'

"Eight years of the Bush-Cheney administration removing regulations" has made it so "now the oil industry is too big to regulate," former Time magazine Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Margaret ...

Media Favor Regulation, Barely Notice Failures of Regulators

From the government's 'cozy' relationship with BP, to the SEC's failure to catch Madoff; networks attack businesses, but not regulators for mistakes.

Arianna Huffington Exploits Coal Mining Tragedy, Cries for Bigger Government

In the face of contrary evidence, she demonizes business and laments weak regulation.

Sawyer Champions 'Super-Cop' Regulator as 'Gladiator' Against Health Insurance Industry

ABC anchor Diane Sawyer, who in February demanded to know who will "keep insurance companies from jacking up premiums while making huge profits?", on Friday found her champion in the ...

Curt Schilling Talks about Starting a Small Business, 'Disappointing' ObamaCare on FBN

'America's Nightly Scoreboard' asks baseball legend about his gaming company, political involvement and views on health care reform.
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