HuffPo Brings You Scriptural Commentary From the Blog that Hates Christianity

Lefty blog announces religion series to parse the sacred words of the faiths it hates.

Tom Friedman Defends 'Complex' Hezbollah Terror Leader Fadlallah, the Alan Alda of the Middle East

Friedman glosses over Hezbollah founder Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah's support for suicide bombers and ignores evidence of Fadlallah's blessing of the bombing of a Marine barracks in Lebanon that ...

Frank Rich Rehashes 'Sadomasochist' Smear Against 'Passion of the Christ,' Buries Social Conservatism

Frank Rich put his original "sadomasochist" attack on "The Passion of the Christ" in someone else's mouth, and kept this box office prediction stuffed down the memory hole: "Indeed, it's hard to ...

Christians: Surprising Allies In the Fight for Amnesty! Just Like They Were Three Years Ago

Laurie Goodstein today: "At a time when the prospects for immigration overhaul seem most dim, supporters have unleashed a secret weapon: a group of influential evangelical Christian leaders." A ...

Kevin Sack Writes About 'Heterosexist Language and Customs' in a News Story on Gay Weddings

Kevin Sack on the gay couple behind the online gay wedding planning mag Legally Wed: "The magazine includes a consumer guide to vendors who are practiced in avoiding heterosexist language and ...

Environmentalists Using Religion, Oil Spill to Promote Green Agenda

Media see 'opportunity' to push cause, suggest embracing environmentalism as faith-based response to disaster.

Schaeffer: 'Nuttiest' Evangelicals Support Israel

HuffPo blogger says 'harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy' mean Christians favor death of innocent children.

Times Loses Its Distaste for Religion As Houston Churches Push Amnesty for Illegals

Reporter James McKinley Jr. didn't find any pro-amnesty liberals, but managed to identify opponents of immigration reform as conservative and right-wing: "Many clergy members say they face an ...

Washington Post: Independence Day an Atheist Holiday

Front-page feature focuses on 'deity-free celebration,' presents one-sided picture of non-believers.

Behar: Prayer 'Takes the Place of Thinking'

'The View' co-host says prayer replaces logic, calls it 'dangerous'
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