Union Boss Sweeney Among Those Who 'Have Worked on Behalf of Equality for the Poor and Struggling'

Reporter Michael Shear gets carried away in praise of John Sweeney, former head of the AFL-CIO, and highly partisan Democrat.

'They're Coming for Our Children': Rep. John Lewis Compared GOP to Nazis on House Floor in 1995

Media weren't as quick to point out so-called 'vitriolic' rhetoric during 1990s congressional debate over welfare reform.

Did McCain Really "Tolerate Insults and Threats" of Obama?

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller also paints a distorted picture of John McCain's "devastated" reaction to Rep. John Lewis comparing him to segregationist George Wallace.

Can We Get a "Liberal" Label?

Hillary Clinton's "populist turn" - taking on insurers and going after drug companies.
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