Times Leaps on Gov. Christie's Mild 'Violent Imagery,' Ignores Much Harsher Democratic Attacks on GOP Pols

Christie's metaphor to reporters about "taking a bat" to a Democratic critic gets a full story in the Times. Yet Democratic pols who talk about "blowing the brains out" of one Republican, or ...

NYT Ignores Leftist Piven's Violent Rhetoric, Blames Beck's Criticism

Media reporter Brian Stelter "inverts the story" to make Glenn Beck a villain and a leftist advocate of violence a hero, claims the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. "In the paper's telling, ...

MRC Study: By 8-to-1 Margin, Media Target Conservative Speech after Tucson Shooting

Networks' Attempt at a National Debate on Civility Virtually Ignores Offensive Remarks of Liberals

New Civility Only for Republicans, Apparently

A Sunday editorial chides Republicans for refusing to change the name of an anti-"job-killing" bill. But a Tuesday headline reads: "Where News Is Power, A Fight to Be Well-Armed."

Move Over, Palin: Matt Bai Uncovers New Bogeymen for AZ Shooter, Sharron Angle

Reporter Matt Bai: "...the problem would seem to rest with the political leaders who pander to the margins of the margins....Consider the comments of Sharron Angle, the Tea Party favorite who ...
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