NBC Presses Santorum on Abortion, Contraception, and Electability

As GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum appeared as a guest on Thursday's Today show on NBC, substitute co-host Savannah Guthrie focused on the former Pennsylvania Senator's views on abortion ...

Jon Stewart Revels in Rick Perry's 'Brain Turd' Moment as the 'Dope Diamond'

Jon Stewart, on Thursday's Daily Show, repeatedly mocked Rick Perry for his, as he put it, "brain turd" moment at this week's CNBC debate. Jon Stewart, on Thursday's Daily Show, repeatedly mocked ...

Fox's Chris Wallace Hits Santorum from Left on Gays in Military

On today's Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace sparred with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, challenging the former Pennsylvania Senator's opposition to gays serving openly in the ...

By 20-to-1, Nets Apply Ideological Labels to Republicans Over Democratic Presidential Candidates

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Pile on 62 Conservative Labels This Year, vs. a Mere 3 Liberal Tags in 2007

NBC's Gregory: Are Americans Really 'Better Off' with 'Freedom'?

While grilling former Pennsylvania Senator and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on NBC's Sunday Meet the Press, host David Gregory was skeptical of the idea that Americans should be able to ...

Stephanopoulos Demands of Santorum: 'Where's the Evidence' America's Enemies Don't Fear Obama?

Offended by Rick Santorum's assertion that President Obama is not feared by America's enemies, ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos stuck up for the President Monday and pressed Santorum to give ...

Joy Behar: Rick Santorum 'Seems Like a Big Homophobe'

Hosting openly-gay CNN anchor Don Lemon on her Monday night show, HLN's Joy Behar lamented that Lemon will have to interview GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum "who seems like a big homophobe."

Lauer to Rick Santorum: Do You Really Think People Care About Social Issues Right Now?

NBC's Matt Lauer didn't exactly throw out the welcome mat for possible presidential GOP contender Rick Santorum as, on Tuesday's Today show, he questioned the former Republican Pennsylvania ...

Santorum's Google Trouble a Warning to Conservatives in Internet Age

Liberal bile and abuse of Google combined to harm Rick Santorum's political prospects.
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