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Excusing the Rioters: How the Media Have Shifted the Blame in Baltimore

The Baltimore riots surrounding the death of Freddie Gray became a moment for liberal reporters and commentators to take the blame off those who destroyed cars, looted businesses, burned a ...
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NBC Stokes British Class Warfare: 'Economic Inequality' Sparked London Riots

On Monday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Stephanie Gosk promoted the Occupy-Wall-Street-stye rhetoric of left-wing British Member of Parliament Oona King: "King believes economic inequality was ...

'Largely Peaceful March' in Oakland? Times Again Downplays Occupy's Destruction

The Times conveniently blames "fringe protesters" for violence after an "orderly day" of marches. But just how "fringe" were the vandals and fire-setters?

Ugh: NYT Celebrates Fashion Sense of March Rioters in London

The Times asks of the March riots in London protesting reductions in government education spending: "What do you wear when protest and mayhem rock your world?"

London Reporter Suggests 'Cuts in Spending and Services' by Conservatives Led to Riots

Reporter Ravi Somaiya quickly got to the root of the London riots: "Economic malaise and cuts in spending and services instituted by the Conservative-led government have been recurring flashpoints ...

MSNBC Compares UK's David Cameron to Egyptian Dictator for Trying to Prevent Violent Rioting

Filling in for host Martin Bashir during the 3 p.m. ET hour on MSNBC on Thursday, left-wing Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart outrageously compared British Prime Minister David Cameron to ...

Krugman: U.S. Students 'Could Learn A Little Bit' From Violent Riots in UK, France

Talking to the University of Oklahoma's student newspaper, did Paul Krugman, respected economist turned partisan liberal columnist, really suggest American college students start rioting about ...

Prominent Times Op-Ed A Real Riot

An inflammatory op-ed in the Sunday Week in Review wants people "storming angrily into the streets" over the banking bailouts.

GOP Senator Warns of 'Riots' if Automakers Are Bailed Out

Sen. Jim DeMint says unfair union influence and the bailout culture will anger many Americans.

Burnett Blames U.S. Rice Craze on 'Paranoia'

CNBC reporter says U.S. has no shortage of rice, blames ethanol for increased pressure on food prices.
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