Robert Bork

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CBS’s Pelley Labels Bork ‘Arch Conservative,’ Provides Innocuous Definition of ‘To Bork’

ABC’s Diane Sawyer described Robert Bork, who passed away Wednesday at age 85, as “an icon to conservatives” and NBC anchor Brian Williams called him a “conservative icon,” but CBS Evening ...
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NYTimes Obit Proves It: Left Still Won't Forgive Sen. Specter for Being Mean to Anita Hill

Sheryl Gay Stolberg's obituary for Sen. Arlen Specter shows liberals and the Times have yet to forgive the liberal Republican for being so mean to feminist icon Anita Hill: "The Thomas ...
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Former NYT Chief Editor Bill Keller Sprays Conservative Targets Ryan, Bork, 'Slander' by Swift Boat Vets

Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller went after Republicans and the party's "disciplined conservative infrastructure" in his column on Paul Ryan. Pecking at a multitude of ...
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