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ObamaCare Costing Government Jobs Too! Big Three Networks Ignore

It’s bad enough that ObamaCare is taking its toll on private sector jobs but you would think liberal network reporters would be upset that it’s now cutting into their precious public sector ...
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In Shift, NY Times Embraces 'Moral Dimension' Provided by Bishops, at Least for Expanding Obama-Care

A lead Times story celebrated "G.O.P. Governors Providing a Lift For Health Law." The most notable convert: Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who reversed his position this week and announced his ...
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Paul Ryan Greeted With 'Conservative' Labels, Seen as Proudly Conservative Compared to 'More Pragmatic' Obama

Times reporter Jackie Calmes sounds unhappy with Romney's choice of Paul Ryan: "His blueprint would greatly shrink the government, largely undoing the social safety net by shifting more costs ...
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So Much for Church-State Separation: White House Organizing 'Prayer Vigils' for Obama-Care, Says NYT

Times health reporter Robert Pear managed to identify the Tea Party Express as conservative, but found no liberals among major Obama-care supporters Families USA, the National Council of La Raza, ...
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